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The Waterfront - Hong Kong

Projects / Residential

This residential complex of 1230 units in six 37-storey towers with associated recreational club facilities is the first development package of the new airport-related rail station urban complex.

Of the towers, five are residential and the sixth provides serviced apartment accommodation with separate recreational club facilities. The development is unique in that there are over 12 unit types/sizes which cater for a broad buyer mix.

The podia under the towers include below-ground and above-ground parking, a ground-level bus station, and a range of public facilities accessible along a glazed upper-level walkway which leads to a large retail complex.

The entire complex, of which this is the first development, is integrated with the centrally placed Kowloon Station, which is one of the two key stations of the new direct airport link. The development has been initiated by the MTR Corporation, who work in various collaborations with independent teams.

With P & T Architects and Kwan Architects

Photographer: Blain Crellin